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Pin-Up Soda Pop Jewelry by dani


L.A. Ink starring kat von d is airing today on tlc!! you better be watching...because i know i will!!

she is too cool.

And heres some news:
so ive been kind of at a stand still when it comes to making jewelry lately...but im planning on making alot this be watching for some new pieces. im stocked up on bottlecaps and beads(and now lots of barbie shoes)..just need to come up with some new designs...they are whirling around in my head like crazy

also, ive been sending a lot of things away to do photoshoots, so if youve noticed some things have been unavailable thats why. i sent a bunch of jewelry out for 2 shoots for SHUT UP! MAGAZINE which is featuring model Raquel Reed for one of the shoots...shes so gorgeous...and I haven't seen any from the other shoot, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them in the August issue. Another future model will be JASPERJAMES and future photographer will be AMA LEA IMAGERY. I'm very excited about both.

anyway, the jewelry is now back from the shut up! magzine shoot and available for purchase on my site PINUPSODAPOP.COM including the necklace and bracelet worn by raquel reed.

If you are interested in either of these pictures just click whichever one you like and it will direct you to the page its on my site.

wow! what a long bulletin...lots of updates though!! I would really appreciate if you'd repost this and share my update with some of your friends who might not know about me! Thanks for reading this. Have a wonderful week! xodani
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